Twin Palms Best DUI Programs

DUI charges?
You are not alone!

Twin Palms Best DUI Programs will be your trusted partner in satisfying court-ordered DUI education programs.

Our DUI Programs

We offer a comprehensive DUI Program for first-time and multiple offenders.

Domestic Violence Class

Our Batterer Intervention Program is available for those with DV charges.

You need a knowledgeable guide for your DUI Program

Whether it’s your first charge, second offense, or beyond, Twin Palms is the easy choice for your court-mandated DUI Program in the San Gabriel Valley/Los Angeles County area. Our experienced staff is ready to be your guide as you navigate through your program and complete the obligations to get your driver’s license reinstated.

Get back on track with Twin Palms

Twin Palms offers a full range of DUI programs that meet requirements for court-ordered DUI sentencing. Our experienced and committed staff will help you through your program and get back on a more positive path.

First-Offender Classes

3-month, 6-month and 9-month first-offender Program and a 12-Hour Wet Reckless Course

Multiple-Offender Classes

18-month multiple offender class and a 30-month program


All programs are local and state approved to satisfy court-ordered DUI Program

Two Locations

Offices are conveniently located in La Puente and El Monte

Decades of Experience

Twin Palms has been providing alcohol education and recovery services since 1969

Domestic Violence Course

For domestic violence convictions, we offer the Batterer Intervention Program (BIP)

A DUI is not the end. Twin Palms can help you through.

Get back in the driver’s seat of your car and your life with our DUI programs.

An approach for lasting change

At Twin Palms, you’re in the right hands. Our DUI programs focus on equipping participants with tools and resources that apply to real life. You can use these techniques to make better choices for the long term and avoid repeat offenses.

You’ll make it through this, and Twin Palms Best DUI Programs can help.

Your DUI program questions get answered

We know you have lots of questions about enrollment, your program, and getting your license reinstated. Here are the answers to common questions.

To enroll in our Best DUI programs, you will need to bring one of the three (3) following items: a referral from the Court, a referral from the Los Angeles County DDP or a Public Driving Record printout from the CA DMV indicating the required program. You will also need to bring your enrollment fee.

California state law mandates the length of the program; therefore the program cannot be accelerated. However, some exceptions to this regulation may apply to out-of-state Clients where their state mandates a longer period of DUI education.

First offenders over 21 years old are generally eligible to apply for a restricted license after serving out a mandatory 30 day suspension.

In order to qualify for a restricted license a proof of enrollment must be submitted by our DUI program provider, such as Twin Palms to the DMV. Our program electronically submits your DMV form in a timely manner (usually within 24 hrs). Contact DMV for requirements for drivers license reissuance

Don't put your life on hold because of a DUI - start your program today with Twin Palms, the DUI program provider that cares about your future.

The Twin Palms Legacy

Lester Roberts


Lester Roberts began Twin Palms over 50 years ago as a 30-day in-resident alcohol recovery program. He wanted to lift up others the same way he had been lifted up, and we continue his legacy of compassion.
Photo of founder Lester Roberts

Truth French


Truth French, daughter of Lester Roberts, continued the mission of Twin Palms. Her high standards and commitment to fairness and honesty laid the foundation for the quality organization we have today.
Photo of co-founder Truth French

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Coronavirus Updates

Twin Palms Recovery Center is scheduling interviews. We began offering Remote Client Services on April 6, 2020. Please contact the location of your services for scheduling or additional information.

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Twin Palms Recovery Center está programando entrevistas. Comenzaremos a ofrecer servicios de cliente remoto el 6 de abril de 2020. Comuníquese con la ubicación de sus servicios para programar o obtener información adicional.

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