Twin Palms Best DUI Programs

Twin Palms Best DUI Programs

Get your license and your life back on track with our court-compliant DUI Program.

Find the right DUI classes and groups for you at Twin Palms

Twin Palms Best DUI Programs offers six different levels of DUI programs. All of our classes and groups are county, state, and DMV-approved for individuals who have been convicted on a range of Driving Under the Influence charges. Our DUI programs are approved by Los Angeles County Substance Abuse Prevention and Control (SAPC) and we are licensed by the State of California’s Department of Health Care Services (DHCS).

Twin Palms wants to be your guide and ally after your DUI conviction. We offer a supportive environment through this challenging time and deliver DUI Program that both satisfy your court requirements and help you create a more stable future. You’re in knowledgeable and caring hands with Twin Palms. Locate your court-ordered program below to learn more about what you can expect.

12 Hour Wet Reckless Program (SB1176)

12 Hour “Wet Wreckless Program” (SB1176)

The Wet Reckless Program, or SB1176, is typically required for people who are convicted of reckless driving but with a measurable blood alcohol level of less than .08. This 12-hour course will satisfy court-ordered education for this lower-level charge. If you’ve been ordered to take a 12-Hour Wet Reckless program.

3-Month DUI First Offender Program (AB541)

The 3-Month First Offender or AB541 DUI program is for those who have been found guilty of a DUI for the first time within a 10-year period and with a blood alcohol level below 0.2. Courts will generally order a 3-month program as a condition of probation, along with other requirements as issued by a judge.

6-Month First Offender Program (AB762)

Similar to the 12-Week First Offender Program, this is a more intensive DUI program required for first offenders who registered a higher blood alcohol level. One-on-one interviews and group classes comprise the course of the AB762 program. More information can be found here on the 6-Month First Offender Program.

9-Month First Offender Program (AB1353)

The 9-Month First Offender Program is a similar to the three- and six-month DUI classes. This longer program is generally required for first offenders with higher blood alcohol levels or when the charge accompanies other extenuating circumstances. To read more on the AB1353 9-Month First Offender Program.

18-Month Multiple Offender Program (SB38/SB1344)

For the person with a second DUI offenses, we offer this 18-month program. When an SB1344 and SB38 program is ordered by the court, it usually for a second or third offense. It includes individual counseling, group sessions, and self-help classes. Learn more about the 18-Month Multiple Offender program here.

30-Month Thirty-Thirty Program (SB1365)

The 30-Month Thirty-Thirty Program is our most intensive program. Designed to treat the repeat offender, this program consists of group and individual sessions as well as a community service. Upon completion, the participant must be able to demonstrate a changed life to the court. Additional information on the 30-month DUI program can be found here.

Domestic Violence Program

About the Batterer Intervention Program (BIP)

Individuals convicted on domestic violence charges are often ordered to complete domestic violence classes as a part of their sentencing and terms of probation. The Batterer Intervention Program (BIP) at Twin Palms is a 52-week course that will satisfy court requirements and help you create a more stable future for yourself and your family.

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