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18-Month Multiple Offender Program (SB1344 and SB38 Program)

About the 18-Month Multiple Offender Program

The 18-Month Multiple Offender or SB1344 and SB38 program is a court-ordered DUI program for the those convicted of a DUI for a second time. This program is 78 hours of education, individual counseling and group classes. There may be other requirements set forth by the courts in addition to this program.

At Twin Palms, you’ll receive the highest level of care and respect during the 18-Month Multiple Offender Program. The SB1344 and SB38 Program begins with an orientation session and an individual registration interview. During the first 12 months, you will attend six education classes, 26 group sessions, 26 fifteen-minute individual interviews, and 26 self-help group sessions. The final six months of the program consist of two groups and four 30-minute individual interviews. We do offer remote telehealth services and classes via Zoom.

18-Month Multiple Offender Program Enrollment Information

We’ve made enrolling in our programs an easy process. You can visit one of our three locations to register and complete your enrollment on the same day. You’ll need a referral from the court or a Public Driving Record form from the California DMV that lists the 18-Month Multiple Offender Program as a requirement. Payment of the enrollment fee is also required upon registration, and in general you must begin the program within 21 days of enrollment. Once you choose a location, you must remain at that location for the duration of your program.

At Twin Palms we understand that our clients have other responsibilities and obligations, so we offer classes five days a week. You can choose between day, evening, or Saturday sessions at our El Monte, La Puente or Pomona locations. Our focus is giving you all the information, support, and options you need to get through this challenging time and so you can move on into a more stable future.

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Twin Palms Programs: Your Path Begins Here

When you enroll in the 18-Month Multiple Offender Program at Twin Palms, you are joining a knowledgeable, supportive, and uplifting team that wants you to succeed. We go with you on this journey and do everything we can to make your experience a positive one. Our SB1344 and SB38 program digs deeper into the educational and counseling side, beyond the basics of the physical and legal risks of DUI. We help you get more insight into the why behind your behavior and understand the personal consequences it brings. Beyond that, we help give you a solid foundation of resources, tools, and support to guide you in making new and better choices to create a brighter future. Our focus on positive behavior change is based on the desire for life improvement that lasts.

Get Started Today with the 18-Month Multiple Offender Program

Twin Palms has a reputation for delivering the highest quality programs, and we strive to be the gold standard for effective DUI program provision. You’ll find our staff to be experienced, knowledgeable, and supportive. As with all of our programs, the SB1344 and SB38 program meets all state and local requirements for court-ordered educational program.

Today you can make a decision that may change your life forever. Get started at Twin Palms, and your future will be in the right hands. Stop by and see us or give us a call today.

Coronavirus Updates

Twin Palms Recovery Center is scheduling interviews. We began offering Remote Client Services on April 6, 2020. Please contact the location of your services for scheduling or additional information.

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