Twin Palms Best DUI Programs


Here are answers to the most common questions we receive. If you don’t see your question here, please contact us.

To enroll in our Best DUI programs, you will need to bring one of the three (3) following items: a referral from the Court, a referral from the Los Angeles County court, or a Public Driving Record printout from the CA DMV indicating the required program. You will also need to bring your enrollment fee.

California state law mandates the length of the program; therefore the program cannot be accelerated. However, some exceptions to this regulation may apply to out-of-state Clients where their state mandates a longer period of DUI education.

First offenders over 21 years old are generally eligible to apply for a restricted license after serving out a mandatory 30 day suspension.

In order to qualify for a restricted license a proof of enrollment must be submitted by our DUI education program to the DMV. Our program electronically submits your DMV form in a timely manner (usually within 24 hrs). The DMV will also require a re-issuance fee and most likely an SR-22 form from your insurance company.

The DMV will be notified of any termination from the program and your license will be re-suspended.


If you are over 21, charged with a DUI, alcohol level at .08 or above but the conviction is amended to a wet reckless then you have some decisions to make. The courts will generally order a 12 hour program completion. If you either did not have a DMV hearing or had a DMV hearing but the suspension was upheld you have two choices regarding your license.

The lesser conviction of a wet reckless will be reported by the courts to the DMV. The DMV will suspend your license for four months. You can take the 12 hour program and a four month suspension. The other option is to serve out a 30 day suspension and enroll in the longer 3 month first offender program which has a provision for a restricted license.

The requirement to complete the DUI program stays on your DMV printout. Participants sometimes wait many years hoping it will drop off. To legally drive in California you will eventually need to complete the program. You should go to the DMV and request a Public Driving Record in-house printout of your driving history. This document will allow you to enroll in a DUI program.

Yes, but you will need to make the request of the other state. Many people complete programs in California for convictions in another state. There are a couple of questions that determine what length of program you are required to attend. The first question is “were you driving on a California driver’s license?” If so, you will need to complete the California program length based on the number of DUI’s on your driver record.

If you were driving on a license from another state you would need to find out what program requirement you must comply with to satisfy your court order. Some states require a comprehensive drug and alcohol assessment for the individual person to determine the length of program treatment.

By California state law, once you enroll in a program you must begin services within 21 days of the enrollment. Exceptions are only for a leave of absence with documentation.

Restricted licenses are issued for “to and from work, during the course of employment and to and from the DUI program.” Any other exceptions and questions should be directed to the DMV at 916.657.6525.

DMV REQUIREMENTS – After serving the 30-day mandatory license suspension period, to obtain a restricted license, you’ll need to file an SR22 Form from your insurance company, pay a reissue fee to the DMV and provide proof of enrollment in one of our DUI programs. (We will electronically file your enrollment with the DMV.) For license-related/DMV questions, you may call the main branch of the DMV in Sacramento. The phone number for the Mandatory Actions Unit (MAU) is: (916) 657-6525.

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